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What’s cooking?

Food, good enough to keep you coming back

So many blends, so little time


Looking for that perfect cup of coffee that not only looks brew-tiful on your Instagram but tastes authentic too? Well, those are the sort of perks you avail at an international coffee chain only. At Esquires, we give it to you fresh and wholesome right on the spot with our wide variety of beverages tantalizing all taste buds. Using the latest in barista technology, our organic fair trade coffee always has a distinctive rich taste with a smoothness that will leave you in awe. From espresso shots to flat whites to chai latte to a range of specialty teas, we have whatever your mood calls for.  Since there is nothing like a cold brew shower on a hot day, we also offer delicious fresh fruit smoothies, frappes, iced drinks and a selection of designer milkshakes.   


Behind every successful menu, is a substantial amount of good coffee, which is why our assorted breads, oven fresh savouries and a range of healthy delicacies complement our caffeine offerings so well. Our food menu is every bit as mouth devouring as our beverage menu. Since we bake most of our produce on site in each store, rest assured we are providing you with the freshest food in town made with quality natural ingredients and lots of love.




Want to try something new? Esquires is proud to introduce to you the new crossover fusion menu made from scratch in-house. The menu has been made in collaboration with Graham Wilkinson, having a background in food technology and hospitality for over 34 years and the well-known culinary wright, Samar Hussain. We bring to you a taste that is truly glocal; so delectable, your taste buds will embrace it yet something that you will be having for the first time, locally.

Some like it cold, some like it hot

The thought of our drinks will make you stir

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    100% Certified Organic & Fair Trade

    Rs 300

    Single Rs 195 | Double Rs 230

    Flat White
    Rs 320

    Regular Rs 300 | Large Rs 340

    Rs 350

    Regular Rs 320 | Large Rs 395

    Rs 210
    Rs 225
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    Ethical and Single Origin Tea

    English Breakfast
    Rs 280

    Earl Grey
    Rs 280

    Rs 280

    Arabian Mint with Honey
    Rs 280

    Ceylon Green Tea
    Rs 280

    Peppermint & Cinnamon
    Rs 280

    Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea
    Rs 280
    Berry Sensation
    Rs 280

    Arabian Nights Iced Tea
    Rs ???
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    Specialty Drinks

    For every good question in life, there’s an answer on this page!

    Hot Chocolate
    Rs 320

    Chai Latte
    Rs 325

    Madagascar Vanilla Latte
    Rs 345

    Salted Caramel Latte
    Rs 325

    Caramel Frappe

    Chocolate Frappe
    Rs 345

    Mocha Frappe
    Rs 425

    White Mocha
    Rs 360

    White Chocolate
    Raspberry Frappe
    Rs 325

    Matcha Latte
    Rs 345

    Matcha Frappe
    Rs 495

    Matcha Lemonade
    Rs 395

    Sicilian Lemonade
    Rs 245

    Raspberry Lemonade
    Rs 275

Ethically sourced ingredients

Because you are what you eat

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    For all those cereal killers out there

    Chia Bowl
    with honey, roasted nuts, sesame seeds and dates
    Rs 695

    Toasted Granola
    with seasonal fruits and greek yoghurt
    Rs 525

    with toasted coconut, seasonal fruits and honey maple yoghurt
    Rs 450

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    Waffles and Toasts

    You know why everyone loves hashtags? Because they look like waffles!

    with seasonal fruits, whipped cream, chocolate hazelnut & roasted hazelnuts
    Rs 495

    Chocolate Waffle
    with bitter chocolate, coffeeand whipped sweet cheese
    Rs 650

    French Toast
    with berry coulis, maple greek yoghurt and banana
    Rs 475

    Warm Croissant
    with Irish smoked salmon dijon cream cheese, capers and herbs
    Rs 795

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    Eggs Plus

    The best way to start your day…or to make any day instantly better!

    Spinach Eggs Benedict
    with wilted spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise & turkey bacon OR salmon
    Rs 695

    Open Brekkie Burger
    with turkey baconpotato rosti & grilled mushrooms
    Rs 595

    Spanish Eggs
    with sweet peppers, tomato, kidney beans, feta & griddled bread
    Rs 595

    Three Egg Omelette
    with blistered tomatoes and your choice of Turkey bacon, jalapeno cheese, mushrooms, green chillies and sausage
    Rs 550

    Minted Pea & Zucchini Fritters
    with fried eggs & Sumac
    Rs 650

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    There’s no wrong time for a small bite…but the best time is just before a big bite!

    Bruschetta Trio
    with beetroot hummous & feta, cheddar & rocket, roasted peppers & olives
    Rs 550

    Loaded Fries with Smokin’ Joe Pulled Beef
    with crispy onions, melted Cheddar, sriracha sauce, sour cream and jalapenos
    Rs 525

    Italian Crispy Chicken Dippers
    with trio of dips (garlic aioli, sriracha mayo & mango chilli)
    Rs 445

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    Salads and Bowls

    Big changes always start small…

    Chicken Sheermal Bread Salad
    with olives, tomatoes & feta
    Rs 595

    Grilled Caribbean Steak
    Beef salad with grilled pineapple,chilli & mango dressings
    Rs 695

    Greek Chicken Cobb Salad

    with herb brushed chicken, feta, olives, roasted peppers and pistachios
    Rs 695

    Toasted Quinoa
    with pomegranate, sesame, spinach & rocket
    Rs 750

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    Pasta La Vista, Baby!

    Lemon Chicken
    Fusilli with garlic, chilli & parmigiana
    Rs 750

    Farfelle Arrabbiata
    with mushrooms, feta, basil & truffle oil
    Rs 775

    Chicken Alfredo
    Fettuccine with ricotta & parmigiana
    Rs 795

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    Have you ever tried to imagine life without burgers? Well, don’t!

    Zen Hen Chicken
    with rainbow slaw, roasted pepper, pesto mayo in a potato bun
    Rs 650

    Smokin’ Joe
    with pulled beef, super green slaw and jalapeno mayo
    Rs 650

    BBQ Strip Steak & Mushroom Burger
    with caramelised onions and cheddar cheese
    Rs 695

    BBQ Smashed Burger
    with onion rings and sliced tomatoes
    Rs 595

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    Griddled Bread Sandwiches

    Life’s like a sandwich. It’s only as exciting as its ingredients!

    Parma Chicken
    with panko chicken, mozzarella & rocket
    Rs 795

    Smoked Salmon
    with lemon cream cheese and aritchoke
    Rs 1050

    Grilled Chicken or Steak
    with Cheddar cheese, sriracha mayo & rocket
    Chicken: Rs 650, Steak: Rs 750

    Grilled Carribbean Steak
    with jerk beef steak grilled, pineapple, chili corn & mango
    Rs 750

    Grilled Vegetable
    with beetroot hummous & halloumi cheese
    Rs 495

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    Children’s Menu

    Food that kids love… can there be a greater joy in the world?

    Kiddies platter
    with mini sandwich (Nutella, Cheese),
    potato chips, fruit, plus a cookie
    Rs 625

    English Muffin Pizza
    with turkey bacon & cheese
    Rs 575

    Grilled Cheese flatbread wedges
    Rs 350

    BBQ Chicken burger
    with lettuce & tomato
    Rs 325

    with cheesy tomato sauce
    Rs 450

    Toasted granola
    with poached or fresh fruits
    & greek yoghurt
    Rs 375

    with toasted coconut, seasonal fruits
    & honey maple yoghurt
    Rs 345

    with seasonal fruits, whipped cream,
    Nutella & roasted hazelnuts
    Rs 345

Sugar, spice and all things baked

When the coffee demands its pastry soul mate

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    So good that before you know it, they’re ‘scone with the wind’!

    Plain Butter Rs 345, Almond Rs 395

    Pain au Chocolat
    Rs 395

    American Muffins
    Plain Muffin Rs 245, Double Chocolate Rs 295, Blueberry Rs 295

    Rs 225

    Irish Scones
    with clotted cream and jam
    Rs 225
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    Artisanal Breads

    What did the flour say to our chef? “All you knead is love!”

    Walnut & Dates Bread
    Full loaf Rs 725, Half Loaf Rs. 400

    Kraftcorn Bread (multigrain)
    Full loaf Rs 600, Half Loaf Rs. 350

    Rustic Bread
    Full loaf Rs 650, Half Loaf Rs. 375

    German Country Bread
    Full loaf Rs 600, Half Loaf Rs. 350

    Wholemeal Baguette
    Rs 345

    Multigrain Bagel
    Rs 345

    No preservatives or artificial flavours used
    (in-house breads)