organic, fairtrade and proud

Where our coffee calls home



At Esquires, we are proud to source our own bespoke blend of 100% Organic Fair-trade espresso coffee produced by artisan growers.  To create specialty coffees with a perfectly balanced flavour, our beans are sourced from a range of countries and as it is Fair trade, the origin of each bean is credible which not only ensures the best quality coffee cup, but also means that we are confident that by sourcing Fairtrade beans, that we are helping growers to improve quality of life for themselves, their families and communities.

Our Coffee

Papua New Guinea

Cooperative: HOAC – Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative.
Tasting Notes: Complex, chocolate, cocoa, savoury


PNG Eastern Highlands





Acquired from the best seasons and freshest earth

We’re passionate about the people who grow the coffee beans we cherish so highly, and the environment in which they’re planted and harvested.  That’s why we proudly supply 100% Fair-trade Organic coffee as our house blend, roasted fresh and ground straight to your cup every time. We also have Fair-trade hot chocolate, sugar and tea available, and continue to seek out high quality ethically produced goods.  The Fair-trade movement emerged in response to the plight of farmers and workers in developing countries, many of whom are excluded from the benefits of international trade.


Cooperative: Tayronaca
Tasting notes: Full flavor with dark chocolate and floral notes, and a pleasant chocolate aftertaste




farmer families



Changing the world, one bean at a time

If people are the heart of our business, then our hand-selected, perfectly-roasted, fair-trade coffee is the blood that’s pumping into every vein.  By choosing to buy Fair-trade products, you can use your purchasing power to ensure farmers in poorer countries receive a fair price for their goods and build a better, brighter future for themselves.  In short, by drinking Esquires coffee you’re creating a global impact…by ensuring farm workers across the world are fairly rewarded, leading to a life of self-sufficiency and self-respect.


Farm: Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (COCAFCAL)
Tasting Notes: Balanced citrus acidity, tropical fruit with medium bodu and smooth cup







Our passion for the best beans from around the world consumes us

We source from Fair-trade coffee cooperatives located in Peru, Honduras, Sumatra and Ethiopia that are made up from multiple small coffee farmers who collectively process and market their coffee beans. This ensures a farmer a minimum price for their coffee crop as well as extra premiums paid for the Fair-trade product. The premiums are invested back into democratically agreed initiatives by the co-operative. At Esquires, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the Fair-trade movement and to using only 100% Organic coffee beans to ensure our customers the best cup there is out there. So, let’s drink good coffee and do good for the planet.