Come have Coffee with us

Because nobody will ever say anything more romantic to you

Brew-tiful Coffee and humbling hospitality comes to Karachi

The Coffee Mob (yes, we are talking about you) in Pakistan was calling and we answered by opening up our first branch at Karachi. Knowing that you avid coffee drinkers here were ‘roasting’ the coffeehouses alive, Esquires is the pioneer coffee house to give you what you have been wanting for so long; authentic coffee drawn from organic, fair traded, handpicked beans ground to perfection.

Located at central Zamzama, Esquires is a social space, a fusion of a coffee house, a kitchen and an events venue, with relationships and people at its heart, open and warm from the inside for all those who appreciate good coffee like we do.


Get cosy with a cuppa

Secret glances exchanged or gossip reinvented, get that love brewing at our cosy corner


Work Hard. Grind Harder.

Warning: our coffee will give you unrealistic expectations of productivity at our solo workstations


Calling all the potheads

Our communal table is perfect for digital nomads socializing and having the most important meal of the day – coffee

Not all those who wander are lost; some are just outdoors looking for coffee

And cigarettes of course


For the blessed and coffee obsessed